Together We Grow, Empower, Aspire


WSC mission is to collaborate to grow, empower, support and aspire women surgeons at varies stages of their career to achieve their personal and professional goals through meaningful connections, mentorship and education. WSC aims to positively impact our community in Kuwait, regionally in the Gulf and Middle East and internationally.


  • Strengthening the presence and contributions of women surgeons in the surgical society, locally, regionally & internationally
  • Promote wellness among women surgeons
  • Promote self-development among women surgeons
  • Raising awareness in the local community and leading through service

Core Values:

  • Transparency and Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Inclusion and Diversity

Our Story

On April 12th, 2018, a Whatsapp group “Women Surgeons of Kuwait” (WSK) was created to connect women working in the surgical field and empower and support each other.

The group consisted of pioneers, qualified women surgeons and women in residency training in diverse surgical specialities in Kuwait and also included some Kuwaiti women surgeons training abroad. The group went on its first breakfast meeting on 28th of April, 2018, where they shared their stories and experienses in surgery and life. The event was a success and was posted on social media and rapidly has caught the attention of the local surgical society. WSK has then continued its activities and continued to grow in number and therefore, official representation mandated its evolution to be the Women Surgeons Committee (WSC) in Kuwait Association of Surgeons (KAS) in December 2018. The WSC was the fruiful result of tireless collaborative efforts of the WSK group over several months, and was publically announced in February 2019.

The WSC efforts has expanded to reach and welcome women surgeons from all the six Gulf Countries and to reach the international community. The WSC has partnership with the Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) and is looking forward to form further collaborations with other organizations and committees to support its cause and mission.

The WSC has held The First Women Surgeons of Kuwait Conference and The First Women Surgeons of the Gulf Meeting in 14-15 November 219 were it connected pioneers from Kuwait & the Gulf, inspired and empowered women as it represented a historical mark for the Women in Surgery in the Gulf region.

This is how our story started! We encourage you to join our journey. Together We Grow, Empower, Aspire Women Surgeons Everywhere!