WSC Achievements

Strengthening the presence and contributions of women surgeons in the surgical society, locally, regionally & internationally.


  • Increase visibility of WSK via supporting their participation as moderators, panelist and speakers in local academic events & conferences.
  • Advocate, encourage & celebrate achievements of WSK (residents & surgeons) in local, regional & international conferences & sharing those achievements on social media.
  • Leading historical documentation of Women Surgeons of Kuwait.
  • Increasing scientific research opportunities with the foundation of the WSK Research Network.
  • Organizing the first WSK Conference “Diversity & Inclusion” on 14-15 November 2019.


  • Established a collaboration with women surgeon leaders in all the GCCC in support of WSK mission.
  • Advocate & celebrate pioneers & women surgeons from the Gulf on social media.
  • Leading historical documentation of Women Surgeons of the Gulf.
  • Support the initiation of women surgeons group in countries in the Middle East & Africa.
  • Building a regional research collaborative opportunity via WSK Research Network.
  • Organizing the first Women Surgeons of The Gulf Meeting on 15 November 2019.


  • Partnership with Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) as both share similar vision and mission. This partnership resulted in collaboration and institutional membership that provides WSK surgical residents in Kuwait, membership within AWS. Many WSK are members of AWS and some are members of AWS committees.
  • Building collaborative work with the American College of Surgeons (International Relations Committee), Women in Surgery in Royal College of England & women surgeons’ leaders in Europe & Australia.
  • Initiating research work at international level via the WSK Research Network & participating in global projects such as #globalmentors project.

Promotion of Wellbeing

  • Meet & Greet Meeting for the new residents joining the surgical specialties in October 2019.
  • Qraish event and video shared vis social media in May 2019.
  • Production of a video of WSK message to women and girls in the World on International Women’s Day, which was released on March 8th, 2019.
  • Supporting event during national holidays, sending cakes and appreciation cards to WSK on Call for all hospitals in Kuwait over two days in February 2019.
  • Support of healthcare professionals at work and with social media posts such as "Happy Nurses Day".
  • WSK & their families Sport event December 2018.

Promotion of Self-Development

  • Foundation of the WSK Mentorship Program in September 2019.
  • Sponsorship of WSK to attend workshops and conferences.
  • Establishment of mentorship program.

Raising Awareness in the Local Community & Leading Through Service

  • Participation in Abolish 153 Exhibition with an Art piece “Brave Red” on the 27th of April 2019. The art exhibition was a success with celebrities and political figures among the audience. The “Brave Red” impact was significant not only at the exhibition, but in the World! Posts about it on social media platforms went viral and it had generated comments and discussion from all continents! This photo was a result of a collaboration between an art student and the Chair of WSC.
  • Raising awareness to issues related to gender equity via social media.
  • Community Awareness Series, which are videos of WSK discussing surgical topics to the community and public on social media in May 2019.