Membership Categories & Benefits

Members who are associated with WSK are dedicated and committed for the common cause – to excel in their professional and personal lives. WSK membership encompasses individuals from varied background and proficiency, however, the collective objective of each member is to propagate the passion to outshine & grow in surgery.

We address all kinds of issues related to women surgeons who are based here in Kuwait through meetings, gatherings, events and social media campaigns.

Registration opens throughout the year and the annual payment cycle is due on 30, May.


  • Get connected with other women surgeons around you and extend you meaningful connection within the surgical society.
  • Explore what WSK research group can offer you and sharpen your research skills.
  • Get equipped and trained to be in leadership positions in order to encourage & mentor others.
  • Enjoy the social activities organized by WSK.
  • Explore the secretes of balancing professional and personal lives from others.
  • Get pregnancy, maternity and motherhood guidance and support.
  • Care to blog and voice your opinion to the surgical crowd? We would love to hear it! Take the opportunity and send us your blogs and we will be happy to feature them!

Joining Women Surgeons of Kuwait entitles to the following benefits:

  • Stay informed
  • Be connected
  • Kickstart your career
  • Mentorship from professionals
  • Get your work published
  • Climb the career ladder
  • Get the due recognition

Practicing Surgeon

At Women Surgeons of Kuwait (WSK), the organization that prides itself in celebrating the accomplishments and success of their affiliates and members, by not only providing them with means for personal and professional growth in their area of expertise but also offering a  platform for community service, higher education, mentoring support and exposure to networking prospects as well.  May vote, hold office or be a member of executive board.
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Residents & Fellows

For interns, residents and fellows – Women Surgeons of Kuwait connects them with their peers and also provides them with access to potential mentorship, who in-turn will guide them professionally during the crucial phase of their career. Residents & practicing surgeons associated with WSK will mainly focus on wellness, pregnancy, career counseling and establishing firm professional goals. May vote and be a member of subcommittees.
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By joining WSK, students will enhance the opportunity to meet WSK faculty members and counsellors for career information, leadership skills development, gain industry knowledge of best practice and for establishing as a member of a professional community. May become a member of subcommittees. 
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Associate membership of WSK is open to individuals who are actually not eligible for Practicing Surgeon’s Membership, but is keen & dedicated to the overall cause of WSK mission. The said individual will be inducted as an ‘Associate’ after producing the letter of request that explains in detail about his / her support for the WSK cause. And finally, associate members though may not qualify to hold any kind of position in the WSK rank nor is the individual has any rights to cast vote. 
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