Women Surgeons Research Netwrok

What is WSKRN?

The Women Surgeons of Kuwait Research Network is a group of women and men surgeons from variable surgical specialties and sub-specialties based in Kuwait. The WSKRN collaborates locally, regionally, and globally with surgeons, physicians, doctors in training, students, and other healthcare professionals to produce meaningful scientific research.

The WSKRN was founded in September 2019.


What are the Goals of WSKRN?

Our goals are to create a collaborative culture in research, encourage and foster the growth of surgeon-scientists and to create opportunities to aspiring researches. Additionally, our programs are designed to bridge gaps that may be present in educational curriculums in Kuwait.


What Programs WSKRN offer?

WSKRN Core Projects

  • Surgeon led projects
  • Resident/Intern led projects
  • Student led projects

WSKRN Affiliation Projects

  • Any collaborations outside the core team

Research Skills in Surgery Course

The research program will support trainees who are taking part in WSK research projects and aid in troubleshooting issues they may encounter whilst they are working on their research projects. The course is delivered in mini-seminar series to help the trainees hone their research skills. Trainees will be encouraged to publish their completed research in peer-reviewed journals and to present their findings at international conferences.


Mini-Seminar topics

  1. How to conduct a systematic literature review
  2. How to cite research using reference managers
  3. How to select and implement the correct research design
  4. Data collection and statistical analysis: a primer
  5. How to publish your research
  6. How to present your research

How does it work?

Once a project is selected, the learner meets with the supervisor and discuss the plan of the project and define the timeline that needs to be met for each step. Progress will be monitored frequently to reduce chances of falling out and not completing the project. Meeting intervals for progress is determined by the supervisor. The WSKRN team meets regularly to follow on all projects and provide advice and support to supervisors and learners. Once a project is completed, it is announced and added to WSKRN work section. A certificate is issued for the learners upon project completion.

A research project can have more than one supervisor and researchers depending on its complexity.


How do WSKRN meet?

Currently, all meetings are conducted virtually.


How can I join the WSKRN?

If you have a proposal idea and looking for a supervisor, we will be happy to review your project and assign you a supervisor after assessing your proposal.

If you are interested in research but you do not have a project in mind, you can join one of our projects.

To apply for membership in WSKRN kindly fill the application, attach the requirement and send them in one email it to WSKRN@womensurgeonskwt.org

Expected time to review and reply is 1-2 weeks.

WSKRN-Research Project Application 2020


Founders of WSKRN

Dr. Asmaa Al Rashed, Dr. Maha Al Gilani and Dr. Sarah AlYouha.


WSKRN Projects 2019-2021

  • 2019/2020 Projects Completed: 10
  • 2019/2020 Projects in Progress: 12
  • Total Supervisions: 11
  • Total Active Members: 57
  • Total menbers joined WSKRN Programs & Projects: 85

WSKRN Supervisors Team

Dr. Asma Al Rashed

Dr. Sarah Al Youha

Dr. Maha Al Gilani

Dr. Muneera Ben Nakhi

Dr. Nisreen Al Musaileem

Dr. Athari Al Wael

Dr. Alyaa Askar

Dr. Amal Yousef

Dr. Sarah Wood

Dr. Shamlan Al Qenaie

Dr. Ahmad Al-Khamees